Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cisco WAAS over DMVPN

I finally got my WAAS setup to work on my home network (the hub site) which consists of a dual headend (DSL, cable) dual-DMVPN and 3 spokes (the spokes are my other family members homes). In one of the spokes, I installed an edge WAE file engine, and at the hub, a core WAE and a third separate WAE central manager for administration. The motivation behind all this was to learn the technology but also to improve access to the Sharepoint site, other HTTP intranet sites, as well as RDP and SSH to/from that spoke. After installing the recovery CD on all 3 WAE's, for some reason, the the application traffic policy consisted of "N/A" but seemed to contain all the needed applications and settings. So, I didn't think much of it. But over time, savings were zero, and the graphs were not populating with any optimized traffic. I finally figured out to click the "Restore the default application policies" and "Restore the default application policies and classifiers". I now see reduction in web, SSH and WAFS traffic over the tunnel. Note- because each DMVPN subnet is a /25 and contains other non-WAAS sites, I configured a WCCP redirect ACL on the headend routers to ensure only traffic to/from the single spoke WAAS site gets redirected.